What are some of the topics to focus on when using dating sites?

While you absolutely must be true to yourself when presenting your information on online dating sites, there has been some research done that shows which topics and styles are more effective in establishing relationships and getting response messages.

On general sites, there is a definite trend to avoid too much religion. If everything in your profile is about god or your religion, first of all, make sure this is true to who you actually are, and secondly, consider a site specifically targeted to others who hold the same religious beliefs. There are a number of options out there and will typically increase your chances of success.


How you use language will also ultimately affect your response rate. People who write using proper English in their profiles will typically attract more people. Using a high level of writing will get you even farther – but remember, don’t have someone else write your profile for you. If you are not the best with words then try and think of other ways that you can get attention.

In fact, being laid-back is another thing that lots of users look for. Of course, you still want to use correct language and avoid typos and sloppy spelling, but for a lot of people they want someone with whom they can enjoy the day-to-day activities in life. Using an intense tone can make other users feel anxious or intimidated, and so they may avoid any future contact.

Now, you may be passionate about certain things, and you certainly want to communicate this to potential partners, but be sure you are not coming across as obsessive. If your entire profile is dedicated to how much you love your cats, you may find a very small subset of daters contacting you.