Video Call Facility On Skype


The best way to talk to friends is face to face and exactly that is what video call is all about! We can see our friends when we call them no matter in which part of the continent they are. There are several freely available places which we can use to make these video calls. Some of them are Facebook, WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. On Facebook you are required to make a onetime setup which is easy to do on our own. Then we are all good to make video calls to our friends and family. With so much advanced technology around us we can even watch our loved ones on video wall by using wifi connection.

Skype also gives the option of video calling. We and the person that we are calling need to have webcams and microphones set up or else video calling won’t be possible. In order to make phone calls for free we and our friend should have a wifi connection. These are the basic requirements in order to use the facility of video calling. Facebook has recently added video calling facility. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Skype gives us an option of making a video call or just a voice call. Both these options are free of cost.

Skype also allows us to make video call to multiple people at one time. Just imagine, your all high school friends can video chat with together, won’t that be awesome? Such video calls are also absolutely free! We can also download the latest version of Skype for Android on our phone and start making free video calls to our friends and family. We need to have a stable network though. These calls are free but the phone operator may apply some charges that we should check with the network providers. However, if you have a wifi connection then no such charges will be applicable. It’s better to use this facility only when we get a strong wifi signal.