Thank You, Ming Dynasty: The History of Bongs

It was in the 16th century in China, and a new method of smoking tobacco and other plants was invented, and it’s one that is still around today, and probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

It was during the late Ming Dynasty that the first bongs were used to smoke tobacco and other substances. The Chinese were obviously pretty innovative when it came to smoking, understanding that filtering the smoke through water allowed for a very pleasurable smoking experience. I’m a huge fan, of course, so I find the history of this particular subject fascinating.

Many of the original water pipes were made out of bamboo, and these were the ones typically used by the common people. However, it wasn’t only the commoners who used this method of smoking, and the more elite and wealthy wanted a more elegant way of smoking through a water pipe. Because of this, they crafted their smoking accessories out of metal, which gave them a class distinction from those who were smoking out of the bamboo pieces.

Today, of course, these same smoking systems have advanced quite a bit. The cheaper of them is typically made of plastic with a metal stem, while the best, and more expensive, versions are usually made out of some form of glass with a glass stem. Glass, of course, provides a much tastier smoking experience where you get the full flavor of the tobacco, or other plant, when you place the flame on the bowl.

Next time you sit down with friends to have a good smoke with your favorite bong, maybe you should thank the Chinese for their ingenuity in the 1500s. After all, without those brilliant Chinese people, you wouldn’t have this wonderful invention to smoke out of.

Why Hungry Shark Evolution Is the Most Absorbing Game Ever!

Okay, so I just downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution and within just a minute of the gameplay, I was hooked right in. This is the game I am going to spend time being addicted to for the next couple of weeks, so excuse me, folks!

First of all, I was worried if the game would take up too much space. I have a lot of other games on my phone and I am kind of hooked to all of them as well. But it did not. This Ubisoft game downloaded pretty quickly and installed quickly too. My initial experience was already good.

Not knowing anything about the game, I was sucked in just within a few seconds. The basic concept of the game is that you control a shark, or you are the shark, whatever! You make the shark move around the screen. All you have to do is touch the screen and drag your finger and the shark moves in that direction.

The idea is to make your shark eat as many creatures as possible. As you keep eating them, your shark grows too. There’s a growth bar, which shows how much time is left for your shark to go to the next level. That itself is a wonderful sight. The things you eat include fish, eels, tortoises, seagulls, and even humans. It is quite an experience to see a careless human straying too far into the water and the shark gobbling him or her up. And, you can even take your shark onto the beach near unsuspecting people and give them a true terror. Maybe you could get a feed as well.

Throughout the game, you have to look at the Feed meter. There is a Hungry Shark Evolution hack already, so that shouldn’t be a problem too. Go ahead and enjoy the game. This one is highly recommended.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

The benefits of carpet cleaning are numerous. Whether you have carpet that has been in your home for many years or have experienced a hardship with newly installed carpet, having it cleaned by a professional can help you create a like new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing your carpet. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

  • The cost of cleaning your carpet is much less than the cost of replacing it.
  • Carpet cleaners can make your carpet look brand new once again
  • Improved health thanks to the deep down cleaning techniques used by carpet cleaners
  • Your home will have a more appealing look and you will love to show your home to everyone and anyone that you can

These are just some of the many benefits that come your way after a professional carpet cleaning. Head over to to see more. When you are ready for this job, make sure that you enjoy those benefits to the fullest by hiring the best carpet cleaner in the area. No, not all carpet cleaners are created the same, and it is only with the best that you can get the results that you really want.

Clean that Carpet: The Pros you need to know

Clean that Carpet is the rug cleaning specialists that you have been searching for! Professional carpet cleaners go the extra mile to ensure that your carpet is cleaned and free of the dirt, marks, etc. that cause your flooring to look less than desirable. Even deep cleaning of the carpet is available. They offer professional strength carpet cleaning products and equipment which work overtime to clean your carpets. Both residential and commercial properties are handled. Head over to to take advantage of your free estimate and schedule your appointment today!

What are some of the topics to focus on when using dating sites?

While you absolutely must be true to yourself when presenting your information on online dating sites, there has been some research done that shows which topics and styles are more effective in establishing relationships and getting response messages.

On general sites, there is a definite trend to avoid too much religion. If everything in your profile is about god or your religion, first of all, make sure this is true to who you actually are, and secondly, consider a site specifically targeted to others who hold the same religious beliefs. There are a number of options out there and will typically increase your chances of success.


How you use language will also ultimately affect your response rate. People who write using proper English in their profiles will typically attract more people. Using a high level of writing will get you even farther – but remember, don’t have someone else write your profile for you. If you are not the best with words then try and think of other ways that you can get attention.

In fact, being laid-back is another thing that lots of users look for. Of course, you still want to use correct language and avoid typos and sloppy spelling, but for a lot of people they want someone with whom they can enjoy the day-to-day activities in life. Using an intense tone can make other users feel anxious or intimidated, and so they may avoid any future contact.

Now, you may be passionate about certain things, and you certainly want to communicate this to potential partners, but be sure you are not coming across as obsessive. If your entire profile is dedicated to how much you love your cats, you may find a very small subset of daters contacting you.

How to get more Followers on Instagram

Anyone who wants to become famous needs to have Instagram followers. These followers indicate that you are a trustworthy, respectable brand and helps others decide to also follow you. Whether you are a business looking to promote them or simply a person who wants to expand their horizons, more followers earns more popularity. You can enjoy several ways to gain more followers in Instagram.

1. Choose your Photos Wisely
Uploading every single photo that you take is not a good idea. Instead, take the time to sort and edit your photos, and choose only the best out of your collection. You want to showcase yourself as the best, so do not choose photos that reflect anything less.
2. Buy Instagram Followers
You can buy followers for your account, and in instant gain popularity. The followers are real people and your followers are guaranteed. It is affordable to buy followers, and there are a host of benefits that you will enjoy. There isn’t a better way to spread the word about what you are doing.
3. What are others Doing?
It is a good idea to take a look at the accounts of some other Instagram account holders in your same genre. You can get a better idea of what they are uploading to determine what you might do well with posting. Look at several sites, and let your mind’s creativity explode!
4. Don’t Forget the Hashtags
Hashtags are important to include in every single picture you post. Make sure they are relevant to your picture. When you use hashtags correctly you can definitely spread the word about what you are doing.
Make sure that you buy Instagram followers today to get the extra followers that you need on your account, and put these other tips to good use, too.

Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Website

You may have created a beautiful website, probably even spent a bomb on it, but your website is not going to mean anything much unless you are able to get a large amount of traffic on it. Those trickling tens of people visiting your site per day are not going to help you. What you need is thousands of people visiting your website. Only when you are able to manage that will you be able to use it to boost your business.

Here we shall look at a few ways in which you can do that.

Use Social Media

You must ensure that you have your profiles made on all social media platforms that exist. At the very least, you need to have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and also mobile-phone based platforms such as Instagram. These are places where you are constantly putting up updates. Mention your website URL in your profile so that interested people may visit you to know more.

Use Blog Directories

You must regularly submit your blog posts on directories such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Reditt. These are communities where people are looking for interesting content based on their preferences. If you are visible here, you stand a better chance to be discovered and visited.

Use the Subscribe Button

Many people, even hardened bloggers, forget to add a Subscribe button to their website. You must do that, and also regularly submit content that could hold your audience’s attention. People who are interested should have an option to know of updates. Your subscription can do just that.

These are ways in which you can build organic traffic to your website. Of course, there are ways to buy website traffic too, but you must use them, if at all, only when you have exhausted your attempts with the other methods you have at your disposal.

The savvy indie artist knows to use the Internet

For the modern younger generations, doing everything online is the preferred way of navigating the world. Savvy musicians and artists have to know this, and an Indie artist has many pathways to success by using the immediacy of online technology.

Obviously, social media is hugely important. This is how you will gather your fan base and spread your music to the world. How you use these channels is important though; you’ll want to stay away from spamming people and from posting content that is irrelevant, and you’ll need to have a constantly active presence, particularly in the early stages of your career.

A great way to use the Internet is to have your own website. There are plenty of programs out there that can have you set up with a nice, clean site within hours. You can also link to sites like Soundcloud that are great ways to host music online and reach new audiences. A website will be like your business card, so should ne professional but true to you.

You’ll want to be sure your website is in keeping with your brand. If your music tends towards rock, having a website with cursive script and flowers probably isn’t going to sit with your demographic. You can also use your website to develop a brand; linking with blog sites like Tumblr can mean your content can come from things that you have gathered from around the web, which will help your followers get to know you and your style aside from the music.

For those that are tech savvy, there are a number of ways to create interactive websites that can have music videos and behind the scenes content, all presented in a creative and enticing way that makes visitors want to return.

Video Call Facility On Skype


The best way to talk to friends is face to face and exactly that is what video call is all about! We can see our friends when we call them no matter in which part of the continent they are. There are several freely available places which we can use to make these video calls. Some of them are Facebook, WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. On Facebook you are required to make a onetime setup which is easy to do on our own. Then we are all good to make video calls to our friends and family. With so much advanced technology around us we can even watch our loved ones on video wall by using wifi connection.

Skype also gives the option of video calling. We and the person that we are calling need to have webcams and microphones set up or else video calling won’t be possible. In order to make phone calls for free we and our friend should have a wifi connection. These are the basic requirements in order to use the facility of video calling. Facebook has recently added video calling facility. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Skype gives us an option of making a video call or just a voice call. Both these options are free of cost.

Skype also allows us to make video call to multiple people at one time. Just imagine, your all high school friends can video chat with together, won’t that be awesome? Such video calls are also absolutely free! We can also download the latest version of Skype for Android on our phone and start making free video calls to our friends and family. We need to have a stable network though. These calls are free but the phone operator may apply some charges that we should check with the network providers. However, if you have a wifi connection then no such charges will be applicable. It’s better to use this facility only when we get a strong wifi signal.

U.S. Netflix throughout Canada:

Throughout Canada it is possible to having access to Netflix STATES throughout Canada in just 5 units; the particular approach is basically an easy task to complete. Furthermore, you do not need broadened informatics learning. Gain access to for you to National Netflix we should recognize that will businesses like Netflix Inc., Hulu additionally, Pandora, HBO ARE LIVING, and the like. Have enough advancement to understand precisely by where in addition to that sort of gadget we are related by. In this fashion, to get at National information we should cover your net organization, and so many of us can make it seem as though we are signed up with on the way to get National Netflix throughout Canada. That will geographic change can be built by means of SmartDNS or even VPN. My spouse and i exceptionally assign someone to crimson this short article that points out the item exceedingly level through level.

Who’re we, in addition to Take place we all know A lot Concerning National Netflix?

Welcome for you to “How to obtain National Netflix. Professional” the location regarding Netflix STATES info. In the event that you are interested in info within the many proficient approach to get National Netflix throughout Canada, you’ve got navigate to the opportune position. I am a bunch with talent inside the level and we will give every one of the info you need to recognize prior to purchasing a good government. American Netflix in Canada can be easy to use.

Precisely why choose National Netflix throughout Canada?

Men and women in America in addition to Canadians spend usually the identical purchase for your video-gushing government; even so U. Azines. Customers have more than 2 times game titles films YMCA set up. Almost everything could be the impression of an intellect boggling qualification atmosphere regarding movies in addition to system shows. Become that will as it can seem like several Canadians tend to be hesitant for you to simply acknowledge this specific situation.

Enjoy Bidding and Auctions

The Minneapolis in U.S has seen the development of the Dealdash from 2009 have been one of the favorites of the customers as it holds one of the greatest customer base of four millions. As this site is used for the auctions and bidding by the users and it has come up with the one of the best  websites ever created for the bidders. The website has experienced several ups and downs since their inception, but have been through all of them and has racked up well if compared to their peer sites and have come up with him and also diminished within months of origin. They exercise a unique selling kind of preposition by which, if they have lost any auction by bidding they can purchase another item on a regular offered pro=ice with a entire repayment of their command.

This preposition eliminates all the risks offered to the users in any pay to pay participate kind of choices. This has been a website which is one of the users favorite from across the years and the globe. The huge clientele they have developed in the course of time has always been an issue with the viewers to talk about as a most trusted and reliable brand. The unique preposition makes it dissimilar from its peers as they do not provide such sort of facilities to its customers. For entering into a bid you ask to purchase it beforehand to enjoy the auction. The bid can be proffered at a cost of 14$ to 17 $ depending upon the sale of the commodity and the bid price going at that peculiar time. So do justify yourself according to the bids which are offered to you, play safe and prove your level best and increase your portfolio by grabbing the bargains.