The savvy indie artist knows to use the Internet

For the modern younger generations, doing everything online is the preferred way of navigating the world. Savvy musicians and artists have to know this, and an Indie artist has many pathways to success by using the immediacy of online technology.

Obviously, social media is hugely important. This is how you will gather your fan base and spread your music to the world. How you use these channels is important though; you’ll want to stay away from spamming people and from posting content that is irrelevant, and you’ll need to have a constantly active presence, particularly in the early stages of your career.

A great way to use the Internet is to have your own website. There are plenty of programs out there that can have you set up with a nice, clean site within hours. You can also link to sites like Soundcloud that are great ways to host music online and reach new audiences. A website will be like your business card, so should ne professional but true to you.

You’ll want to be sure your website is in keeping with your brand. If your music tends towards rock, having a website with cursive script and flowers probably isn’t going to sit with your demographic. You can also use your website to develop a brand; linking with blog sites like Tumblr can mean your content can come from things that you have gathered from around the web, which will help your followers get to know you and your style aside from the music.

For those that are tech savvy, there are a number of ways to create interactive websites that can have music videos and behind the scenes content, all presented in a creative and enticing way that makes visitors want to return.