Why Hungry Shark Evolution Is the Most Absorbing Game Ever!

Okay, so I just downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution and within just a minute of the gameplay, I was hooked right in. This is the game I am going to spend time being addicted to for the next couple of weeks, so excuse me, folks!

First of all, I was worried if the game would take up too much space. I have a lot of other games on my phone and I am kind of hooked to all of them as well. But it did not. This Ubisoft game downloaded pretty quickly and installed quickly too. My initial experience was already good.

Not knowing anything about the game, I was sucked in just within a few seconds. The basic concept of the game is that you control a shark, or you are the shark, whatever! You make the shark move around the screen. All you have to do is touch the screen and drag your finger and the shark moves in that direction.

The idea is to make your shark eat as many creatures as possible. As you keep eating them, your shark grows too. There’s a growth bar, which shows how much time is left for your shark to go to the next level. That itself is a wonderful sight. The things you eat include fish, eels, tortoises, seagulls, and even humans. It is quite an experience to see a careless human straying too far into the water and the shark gobbling him or her up. And, you can even take your shark onto the beach near unsuspecting people and give them a true terror. Maybe you could get a feed as well.

Throughout the game, you have to look at the Feed meter. There is a Hungry Shark Evolution hack already, so that shouldn’t be a problem too. Go ahead and enjoy the game. This one is highly recommended.